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Anger Management

Put a stop to impulsive behavior.

Unmanaged anger can escalate into verbal and/or physical abuse and violence. Our program provides the skills to manage anger in a healthy way and the tools necessary to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable.

This program is a 16-week, evidence-based curriculum with the primary objective of clarifying the individual's response to anger and emphasizing respect and cooperation among all members in a family environment. 

Participants can participate in individual or group settings to learn about:

  • Coping Skills, Healthy Alternatives, and Conflict Resolution;
  • Increased Self Control and Problem Solving Skills;
  • Anger Management Concepts and Solutions for Controlling Anger.

A Master's degree-level counselor directs this program at Origin SC, and is approved for Pre-Trial Intervention and certain cases may be assigned to our Batterers Intervention Program, designed to end the cycle of relationship violence.

Contact us at 843.735.7802 or email us to schedule an appointment.


  • Initial Assessment: $55
  • Individual Session: $65
  • Group Session: $25 for 16-weeks, $55 for 8-weeks



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